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Floor cleaning

Scrubber dryers and manual cleaning

SoluClean floor cleaning sachets provide the optimum solution for degreasing and daily cleaning without any detrimental effects on a wide range of floor surfaces. The range includes fragranced and food safe products and extends to neutral ph for specific applications. We have now developed a range of mop and go mini sachets to cover intervention cleaning where smaller volumes are more cost effective.


  • Daily toliet cleaner
  • Biological washroom cleaner
  • Washroom cleaner
  • Glass cleaner (fragrance free)


  • Laundry nonbio detergent
  • Laundry bio detergent

Pre dosed laundry sachets deliver high performance in biological or non biological formats to give exceptional results with no guesses about how much to use, or how much it will cost. Take back control of your laundry cleaning with an easy to manage solution from SoluClean.


  • Foodsafe degreaser
  • Foodsafe floor cleaner
  • Foodsafe surface sanitiser
  • Dishwashing tablets


  • All purpose cleaners*
  • Glass cleaners
  • Surface sanitiser cleaners*
  • Disinfectant floor cleaners*
  • Disinfectant surface cleaners*
    *attribute of fragranced and fragrance free

About us

What we offer

Solupak have nearly 2 decades of experience in the formulation, blending, manufacturing, packaging and testing of water soluble films, sachets and granules (PVOH). Based just off the M62 in Yorkshire, we distribute across the UK, Europe, the Far East and Australasia. All our processes take place in-house and we work hard to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint and all our products are approved by Cruelty Free International and Ecolabel (where appropriate).